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Tomorrow Night is a feature-length film I wrote and directed back in 1998. I was a struggling comedian and TV writer at the time and I pulled together my savings and some of my friends money to make this movie on black and white 16mm film. There are some great people in this movie: Steve Carell, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and Conan O'Brien are some that you might have heard of.

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About The Movie

I made this movie, meaning I wrote and directed it, back in 1998. I was a struggling comedian and TV writer at the time and I pulled together my savings and some of my friends' money to make this movie on black and white 16mm film. There are some great people in this movie. Steve Carell, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and Conan O'Brien are some that you might have heard of. Robert Smigel, Chuck Sklar, Rick Shapiro, Heather Morgan, Nick DiPaolo, Martha Greenhouse, Greg Hahn, Carey Prusa and Joseph Dolphin, you may have heard of a little less but they are all terrific. In fact all these people are comedians and actors I had been working with and around back in the 90s and I wrote all of their parts for them specifically. To me, that's what this movie was for, to create performance opportunities for all my favorite funny people. And to photograph them with prime lenses on Black and White reversal film.

Tomorrow Night is a bizarre little indie film and it gets pretty weird. It was a labor of love for me. It's how I learned to direct and there are some wonderful performances in it. The crew included some folks that still work with me today on my FX series "Louie" including director of Photography Paul Keostner and production designer Amy Silver.

Tomorrow Night screened at the Sundance film festival as well as other festivals from Seattle to Sweden. But it never got distribution. Any black and white movie is tricky to get a market for and this one is particularly strange. But it's funny and it's well worth watching. That's what I think, anyway. It certainly isn't for everyone.

In any case, Tomorrow Night has been sitting in storage in film cans for 15 years. No one has ever seen it. There are no tapes of it or even clips of it anywhere.

This year, I decided to get it out by putting it on my website. I had an excellent digital transfer made from the negative. The sound is the original Mono mix which is fitting for the style of the film. Be prepared to sit through people dialing rotary phones, which takes a while. The pace is sometimes slow and deliberate. Sometimes crazy. But it's exactly the movie I wanted to make and I'm proud of it. I'm putting it on my website with the hopes that I can continue this way of distributing stuff. I'd also like to pay back some of the people who helped me finance the film. I'd also like people to finally see it so that the performances can be awarded with applause and laughter. I'd also like to make a profit from it so I can use the proceeds to make a new movie and release that on my website as well.

About The Cast

The cast of this movie is the movie. I wrote every part knowing who would play them and was inspired by each cast member's voice. This is who they were.

Chuck Sklar: (Charles) Is the star of the movie. Chuck is a standup comedian and television writer from Chicago. When I was starting out doing standup in boston back in the mid to late 80's, Chuck had moved to Boston to pursue standup and we became good friends. Chuck and I both moved to new york and wrote together on Conan and the Chris Rock show. He also appeared on my FX series, playing Bin Laden in a dream sequence. Chuck was also the executive producer of Kamal Bell's show on FX and he had a great show that you can see on youtube called "Come to the Net".

Martha Greenhouse: (Florence) The late Martha Greenhouse was one of my favorite people ever. She was a veteran actress of 80 years old when I cast her. She was at one time the president of AFTRA and she had a small part in the Woody Allen movie "Bananas". Martha passed away a few years ago but before that she used to call me every few weeks to see how I was doing. She was a wonderful person. She hasn't called me since she died.

JB Smoove: (The mailman) many of you know JB from Larry David's show Curb your Enthusiasm. he is a truly hilarious man. When I first wrote this movie, there was no part of a mailman in it. But right before I started shooting, I was at a comedy club in New york and I saw this young comedian I had never heard of (that was JB) he was so funny and elastic and joyful that I ran home (well maybe I didn't run) and rewrote the movie with the part of the mailman in it, which ended up being a huge part of the story.

Rick Shapiro: (Tina) Rick is an amazing comedian and actor. There is no one in the world like him. I met him in the clubs in New york back in the early 90s. I put him in a bunch of short films (you can find them all on youtube) in one of them, "Brunch" he played an old lady in drag having brunch with other old ladies. he created an amazing character that I transplanted into Tomorrow Night. Rick later played by brother in law, Jerry, on my first series on HBO, Lucky Louie.

Joseph Dolphin: (Husband) Joseph, who passed away a few years ago, was a very nutty guy who we used often on Conan in the early years. He was actually on the very first Conan show back in 1993. We loved him so much and used him again and again. then I put him in this movie. Then I never saw him again.

Greg Hahn: (Willie) Greg is a standup comedian who I first met on the road. We did a week of shows together at a club in Raleigh called "Charlie Goodnights" I was nobody and he was nobody opening for me. There were only about 50 people in the audience at any given show. Greg was insanely silly and made me laugh every night. He still works all over the country. Google him.

Heather Morgan: (Lola Vagina) Back in 1996-7 I was the head writer on a short lived series on ABC called the Dana Carvey show. The show didn't go past 8 episodes before it was cancelled. But it's where I met Heather Morgan, who was the only female cast member on the show. She is a Groundlings member from Los Angeles and one of the most committed performers I ever worked with.

Steve Carell: (Mailroom guy 1) Most of you know who he is. He was also on the cast of Dana's show. He was an improv actor from Chicago and The Dana Carvey show was his first job. I think Tomorrow night was his second job. He's had a few jobs since. Google him. He's obviously great.

Robert Smigel: (Mailroom guy 2) Robert was the head writer of Conan's show when it first came on the air in 1993. Robert hired me as a writer, saving my life and giving me a career in television. He went on to become the mind and voice behind Triumph the insult comic dog and created the amazing cartoons for TV Funhouse on SNL. Robert also writes movies and produces the "Night Of Too Many Stars" benifit for Autism every year on Comedy Central. He has been one of my best friends and mentors through many years. He is hilarious in this movie. Don't google him. He doesn't like it. Just kidding.

Wanda Sykes: (Wanda) Wanda is having a great career as an actress and comedian. When I met her she was a very new comedian and writer on the Chris Rock Show. I think this movie was also her first job on screen. I love Wanda.

Bill Chott: (fop) has a very small but funny part as a english fop. He was one of my favorite cast members of the Dana Carvey show.

Nick DiPaolo: (Mister Vagina) Nick is a standup comedian and one of my best friends. He was on my show Lucky Louie and has been on my new show "Louie" many times. He continues to work and is one of the best standups you can see anywhere.

Carey Prusa: (Waiter) Carey was a comedian back in Boston when I started. He has been on many sketch shows through the years and has a hilarious and unique voice.

Matt Besser: (man with beard) Matt had just moved to New YOrk and started the Upright Citizen's Brigade when I made this movie. He has a tiny but funny part in Tomorrow Night.

Amy Poehler: (woman sprayed by hose) Amy was also a brand new comic performer with the UCB back then and she bravely takes a hose hit to the head about ten minutes into the movie.

Conan O'Brien: (himself) Conan appears as himself in this movie. He was a massive help to me in making it also. He and his staff let us shoot in their studio and we even used their offices for a few scenes. It saved us a ton of money in location fees.

Spike Feresten: (network page) I met Spike when we were both writers for Late Show with David Letterman. We later tried to develop a sticom together but it didn't get on the air. Spike was a very succesful writer on Seinfeld and hosted his own late night show on FOX for a few years. He continues to write movies and TV in Hollywood.

Bruce Brown: (clean) We found young Bruce Brown through casting. I don't know anything about him. He's really good in the movie.

Robert Trumbull: (priest) Robert, who plays the priest, was also an often used bit player on Conan in the early years. I was very sad to hear that he passed away, last time I tried to cast him on my show.

Gary Lahti: (adoption agent) same as Robert, we used him on Conan all the time. he was a great straight man and had perfect timing.

That's mostly everybody. I think . Sorry if I forgot anyone.