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Barry Crimmins's special was shot in Lawrence, Kansas in July 2016. I produced and directed the special; this is not a thing I usually do but Barry is one of my favorite comedians of all time. He is a rarely intelligent and hilarious political satirist and obviously this being an election year it's a particularly good time to hear what he has to say.

When I started out in the clubs in Boston, Barry was one of the Titans. One of the great comics of the time and he was singularly responsible for fostering a massive standup comedy scene in Boston that begat some of the best comedians of the last 35 years.

Most importantly, Barry is hilarious and brilliant.

A lot of comedians fall into categories or clusters but I've never seen what Barry does repeated anywhere. He has an approach to American life, American leadership and the people here and where we have been and where we are headed and why we do what we do that just blows me away.

I think that his comedic voice is essential. That's why I made his special.

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